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How to Unzip and Unrar Files Online

Often people have to send large number of documents and files to their colleagues and peers and others too. But sometimes mail does not allow sending files of larger size. So the computers have a facility to zip files so as to make it one file consisting of number of files. Zip is an archive file format that has compressed files and folders. Computers have a built in facility for zipping and unzipping a file. Users may have WinZip or other such compressed folder.

Tip to Unzip and Unrar Files Online

How to Unzip and Unrar Files Online
Unzip and Unrar Files Online

Zipping and Unzipping is quite a breeze with applications like WinRar and WinZip. The inbuilt system in Windows PC also does a fair job. However, sometimes, for a variety of reasons, one may not have the inclination to install third party applications for such menial jobs. Online unzipping websites come to the rescue here.

It is quite easy to unzip files online. All one has to do is find a website that does this job and upload the zip file onto it. One then needs to click on the download button and Bingo! The entire process is carried on by the website and the unzipped files are directly downloaded onto the computer.

The best of these online services are offered free of cost by websites like WobZIP and EzyZIP. One is also presented with the option to select the files that one wants to download to the PC and let the other unwanted files remain. This option also allows one to save valuable hard disk space on the PC.

It is also particularly useful when unzipping large files with many files within the compressed zip folder.

The steps to perform this task are as follows:

  1. Visit the website where you want to unzip the file online.
  2. Click on upload button. A dialog box will appear.
  3. Browse through your computer and select the file you wish to unzip or unrar.
  4. Click on OK.
  5. Once the upload and conversion is done, you will be given an option to download a part of or the entire list of unzipped files.

Sometimes, insufficient memory may be the cause why one may not desire to install applications. The online unzipping facilities are provided to take care of such exact situations. Using the websites to uninstall files is as easy as converting files from one format to another.

What’s more? The process for doing that is also the same. Upload, the conversion is automatic and download, simple as that.

One must however note that unzipping and unraring files online takes more time than what would normally be required by third party applications on the computer itself.

Needless to say, it also requires a working internet connection. And if the size of the file is large, the upload and download may take a very long time depending on the speed of the internet connection that one may be using. If time is not a factor, online unzipping and unraring is the way to go.

Some websites also offer the option to choose the particular folder where one needs the individual unzipped files. One can therefore have them directly downloaded at the location of their choice.

While some other websites directly download the files into the default download directory as set by the user. It may also be downloaded in the ‘downloads’ folder found in every Windows PC.

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This way, in a very short while we can Unzip and Unrar the files without any hassles at all.

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