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Three Trending Opportunities for the Self Employed

There has been a lot written about the great resignation as increasing numbers of employees have decided it is better to resign and look to the self-employed sector than it would be to return to the office for full-time work on site.

This article provides information and insights as to the top three trending opportunities for self-employed work at the moment. Providing something to consider for those who too feel that they would rather not return to the office.

Opportunities for the Self Employed

Courier jobs and jobs for drivers

There is more being bought and sold on the internet and through e-commerce concerns than at any other time in human history. As such, there is heightened demand for driver, delivery, and courier jobs as the overall jobs for drivers increase year on year.

Its been accepted that America is the delivery nation, and there are more parcels delivered to our doorsteps than in any other country. This requires massive growth in the delivery, transport, and logistics sectors. In this growth, the opportunity will be found for those who want a more flexible existence.

A handy person work for home improvement

The home improvement and DIY sector is a major source of work and employment at the moment as many looks to finalize, complete or fix the work that’s been started and not finished during the pandemic.

It may not be growing as fast as driving and courier jobs, but the right practical and building skills have proven to be the fastest way to start your own business or to become self-employed as the only thing you need is the practical handy skills and the right tools.

Blogging, writing, and digital marketing

Blogging and writing about everything can bring in a decent income. The digital marketing sector and the ability to write for money is a fantastic way to make a career from your skills.

Content is still king online, and consumers want to be able to be informed, educated, and entertained and then buy the products, lifestyle, and services as that you write about.

From writing copy for websites, internal communications and online marketing, blogs, and more, the range of content in demand is broad and wide and will allow you the flexibility that we all strive for in a modern world.

When looking at all these options, you need to think broadly and keep an open mind, in the sense that for all of these jobs, there will be related and associated work. Courier jobs will need administration, Information technology developers, and warehouse workers.

The blogging and writing work will also have editors and marketing professionals involved. For every job mentioned herein, there are thus at least three more that will trend and grow in association.

This makes for some interesting times as the trick will be for the self-employed and entrepreneurial out there to find niche work that will allow them to extricate themselves from the daily grind and become the heads of their own destiny.

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