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Top Link-Building Strategies of Busy Marketers

In case you just thought of starting a new link-building strategy for your business, trust us, it is not going to be an instant thing. It is a gradual process that will build up slow results over time, only when do it right.

We can suggest you try your hands at a reliable link building company, but before you reach out to an expert, we would like to share some proven link-building strategies that can help you at least start the process.

A perfect and well-thought-out link-building strategy can bring forth 110% growth in your search traffic.

Top Link-Building Strategies

In the earlier days, link-building was all about quantity. Keyword and link stuffing were commonplace, but today, it is not so. Today, marketers must focus on link quality. They must understand the pages they want to link on, paying attention to the quality and authority of those pages that will play a key role in determining where they will rank in the SERP.

If we ask you what is the best way to get backlinks, you might say – blogging, which isn’t wrong. Blogging is an obvious way for link-building and everyone is adopting the same technique. Nevertheless, there are other proven ways to build the best links and raise your rankings in search engine results.

In the following section, we will outline some fool-proof link-building strategies that you can put up to work today. P.S – they are best for the busy marketers. Check these out here.

Strategic guest blogging

Do you think guest blogging is dead? Well, maybe, and maybe not.

Honestly, the traditional way of guest blogging just to get links doesn’t work anymore. Who wants to post an article which is not even related to your niche and gets zero authority only to get a backlink? That’s a rubbish strategy. Even if you try this, the search engines are smart and they will find out immediately that you are guest blogging only for the sake of links.

So, we want to reap the rewards of quality guest blogging. The solution is – to be strategic and authentic. With guest blogging, you need to ensure that you are posting a unique piece of content that is not only appealing and informative for the readers but is highly relevant to your business niche.

Guest Blog with a strategy, and the results will be right there.

Putting Infographics Into Action

Many companies have started using infographics and they work. Infographics play a vital role in your link-building strategy. One good thing about infographics is that they will shower organic traffic regularly and earn quality links without even asking for it.

Whenever you want to convey an idea, a concept, research, statistics, etc. infographics are your best bet.

56% of companies claim to create infographics regularly and 84% of these find them effective.

Being Active On Social Media

Social media is everywhere and it is becoming more important day by day. There is no denying that social media networks have revolutionized marketing efforts and your social media strategies can become an added advantage to your link-building strategy. In case, you are not active on your social media, you are doing a disservice to your brand.

It is time to become active on any social media platform suitable for your business niche. Share photos, industry trends and updates, images, videos, and more about your business. Let people know you. When you are active on social media, you will boost your engagement, and in turn, improve your link profile.

Links from trusted Sites

We know you are on a journey to create strong backlinks. So, here is another way out for you.

You must start using resource links from trusted websites. A resource can be a guide or directory for your target audience. Some websites such as Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Copybloggers have resource pages that you can tap into while you create yours.

In case a leading website has compiled a blog in your industry, their visitors are likely to find you as well. If you create a better resource than the leading website, it will fetch you more visitors. Some examples are:

  • 50 copywriting blogs to inspire your journey.

Utilizing the broken links

If you start searching for one, you will find millions of broken links to work on. It is time to capitalize on these links.

In case you are too occupied with writing a well-researched blog, you can use this strategy. You have limited time to generate content and broken links can help you. Here’s how:

  • Find the pages on blogs with dead links
  • Suggest a replacement of the link with a similar link from your website.

It is as simple as that.

Growing your personal brand

The last one for today is this – grow your personal brand. We know you are occupied with working for your business, but you must pay attention to creating a personal brand as well.

Your personal brand shall evolve from your internal thoughts that gradually are open for people to see. It signifies your expression for anything. So, how does it help in link-building?

When you grow your personal brand, people will start recognizing you and naturally link to you as your personal brand grows.

Wrapping Up

Undeniably, your link-building strategy matters; it is one of the foundational pillars in the ranking status of your website. One this to remember is that Google doesn’t care about how many links point to your website, it rather focuses on the kind of experience you are offering your users.

Honestly, the real challenge is not just quality link-building, it is earning trustable, quality, and natural links. We hope that our tips will help you improvise your link-building.

For more information, you can connect to our SEO link building services.

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