5 Proven Strategies to Help You Stay Motivated If You’re Working from Home

Working from home is convenient for many whether they have a disability, are a stay-at-home parent, or simply want to work outside of the traditional workplace. Although, the drawback is, there may be more distractions present. But there are several things one can do to ensure they stay motivated and on top of their work at home.

Stay Motivated When Working From Hom

1] Stay on a work schedule.

Providing the proper work-life balance is key when working from home. It’s equally easy to goof off while working at home as it is to work too many hours at a time. For some, they may even forget to get work done and miss due dates if they don’t have set working hours.

That said, get on a schedule, preferably one that is within the normal working hours. Your best bet is to wake up early so that you can finish your work earlier in the day and use the evenings for spending time with family and friends.

2] Get dressed each day – even if you won’t be leaving the house.

Pajamas or sweats, while they are comfy, are for lounging, not for work. It may seem like wearing comfy clothes would improve your work efficiency, but when you don’t feel like a professional on the outside, you won’t have the worth ethic of one.

So, dress your best. Professional attire can psychologically make us work better and faster as it reminds us what we are doing: working, not trying to relax or put in minimal effort.

3] Separate your bedroom from your workspace.

One mistake many at-home employees do is not set up a designated work area. Of course, when working via your phone or laptop, you can work just about anywhere. But a problem with this is that you may end up working in the areas of your home (e.g., the bedroom) that are designed to be places where you are supposed to relax.

In turn, you may begin to interpret every part of your home as a working environment rather than as a home environment. This, as a result, may keep you in “work mode” every hour of the day, not allowing you to remember to have fun and give yourself some rest every now and then. To truly relax, keep some parts of your home non-work related.

4] Take plenty of breaks (and don’t skip lunch).

When you’re not working in a traditional setting, it’s easy to forget about taking breaks. Some at-home employees may have the intention that if they skip out on breaks, they can get more done, and thus, make more money.

But taking even a 30 second microbreak can boost your productivity at work by 13-percent, according to Life Hack. A nutritious diet can also improve productivity, but again, it can be easy to let lunch slide when working from home. But keep this in mind: a poor diet can lower productivity by up to 20-percent. Upkeep your nutrition.

5] Hire someone else to do the work for you.

Part of lack of motivation at work is having too many things to do but too little time to get things done. So, what do you do from here? Cut back on work? Quit work? Find a new job? Instead, freelance work in India can allow you to hire someone else to do the work you don’t have the time for.

There may be cons to having a freelancer do part of your job, such as the fact that you must pay them. However, you will get a project or assignment at work done quicker, have more time on your hands, and feel less stressed.


The key to staying motivated at your at-home job is to treat it the same as you would if you were working in an office building.

Keep on a schedule, dress to impress, have a designated workspace in your home, take the proper breaks to refresh your mind, or even hire someone else to complete work for you. You just have to find your motivation.

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