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Privacy Tools 2019! Protection And Security First!

Users’ personal data is a big business where Internet giants try to find out all the activities on the Internet. Popular browsers, such as Google or Safari, collect all the information about users and then show them to the third-parties.

Privacy Tools 2019

Several privacy tools can protect you from data leakage with increased privacy. They partially increase the anonymity of a user on the network. Let’s consider in detail the best ones!

1] Utopia

Utopia – a closed ecosystem that securely encrypts each user’s data. It is built on the principle of peer-to-peer architecture. It doesn’t store data on a shared server.

Now every user is a peer, both client and server at the same time. Besides, all data is encrypted and stored thanks to sophisticated encryption built on a high-speed Elliptic Curve25519 and 256-bit AES.

The functionality of the system includes an anonymous Idyll browser, allowing you to visit sites that have already created in the system, as well as add new ones, thanks to tunnel data technology. In addition, there is an anonymous messenger uMessenger, which sends and receives encrypted text and voice messages, with the ability to add emojis and stickers.

E-wallet uWallet – allows making any financial transactions using cryptocurrency cryptons. uMail – is responsible for the transfer of confidential files and documents.

2] TOR

This tool is the most secure and is considered the best for use on the deep web.

TOR allows you to hide location, site history, forwarded messages, and other sensitive data from people or traffic analysis software.

This browser forwards traffic through many individual relays and tunnels in such a way that header analysis loses all meaning. Simply put, instead of a direct transfer from point A to point B, there is a transfer through a network consisting of many nodes.

3] Epic Browser

Epic  is built on chromium settings that allow users to be private on the Internet. For instance, it does not store user history, does not allow cookies, does not have a DNS cache, and does not have an autocomplete feature.

When the user ends the work with browser, it will delete all user databases: cookies, preferences, and others.

4] SRWare Iron

SRWare Iron is built on chromium technology that supports standard extensions from the Google Chrome online store. First of all, the browser disables all functions that violate privacy and are actively used by the Google Chrome browser.

The browser does not have a unique user ID, thanks to which Google tracks users. It is worth noting that SRWare Iron does not perform updates in the background.

5] Comodo IceDragon

Comodo doesn’t even closely resemble TOR but has some special tools to improve security on the net. It automatically blocks tracking, cookies and web spies. Also, this browser has a validation feature that separates SSL certificates. Antivirus is also used to protect against Trojans, viruses, and attacks.

It is worth noting, private tools will reliably preserve anonymity and security in the network. Therefore, which one to choose depends solely on your personal preferences!

Be under reliable protection right now! Choose the best ones!

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