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How to Connect Speakers to Your Laptop

Laptops are great for office work and all but when it comes to entertainment, they are not very feasible. The build in speakers is not loud enough to watch a movie and playing songs. If you want to get much better experience, get yourself computer speakers.

How to Connect External Speakers to Laptop

They are quite easy to attach and give you much better experience. Speakers can be connected using cable wires or Bluetooth depending on what kind you have bought.

If you are having a problem in connecting your speakers to a laptop, here are some steps that will help you out.     

1) USB Connection

When you are buying computer speakers, make sure that your laptop has the required USB port. Most computer speakers connect while using these ports. Some of them might need to be plugged into the socket to be charged. While other are charged directly from your laptop, so there is no need to plug them into the socket.  

Plug in the socket is usually not preferable as you won’t be able to play them when any socket is not around. In other words, you will be stuck to one specific place.

2) Setting the volume

The volume should always be according to the work requirement. Whenever you are using them make sure that you are not disturbing anyone by keeping the volume too loud.

There is an adjustable wheel preset beside the speaker that will help in fixing the volume. A small sign beside the wheel will tell that which direction will turn the volume higher and which will slow it down.

3) Setting the speakers

If you want to have a specific place for your speakers, choose the one where you usually do your work. Like your work table or near to your bed. If you want to put them on the floor, they will work the same but make sure that the chord is reaching your system quickly.

There should be no stretching in the wire, it might be working fine for you now but later due to continuous stretching the internal connections might detach.

4) Adjusting volume through laptop

If you are not choosing to move your speakers daily. It means that you should adjust their volume up and if you want to change it, do it through the laptop.

Additional steps are not required to set that up. Move the volume button on the screen, and it will work fine. If you are unable to spot the volume button on the desktop, use the custom button provided on the keyboard.

5) Connection of speakers

The Best PC speakers are designed to make connections more comfortable for you. If the speaker does not offer USB connectors, then they probably have 3.5mm (1/8″) connector. Plug it into the audio port inside your laptop. It will start working fine.

6) Bluetooth connection

Bluetooth connection

There is another option for connection is via Bluetooth. They are the most feasible for daily use. The link is made like any other Bluetooth device, turn your laptops Bluetooth on and search for the device. Press the connect button, when a certain device is found. Play some audio to ensure the connection.

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