Benefit of Technology In Learning

India has the largest number of the youth population, which is around 52% of the total population of the country. The growth of the country for the coming years lies in the hand of the emerging youth. One major issue regarding the development of a country can be achieved through proper education.

Benefit of Technology in Learning

The growth of technology has a great impact on the education sector as well. Education now relies more on the technology, rather than following the old traditional method of learning through books. Various technical advancement involves the use of mobile phones, laptop/computer, AR/VR technology, projector based smart classes, and various others, which helps students to perceive the concepts easily.

Let us understand the major role of technology in learning and education-

(i) Easy Access to knowledge

Technology provides users to seek information and knowledge from anywhere. With the use of modern technology, the world has now become a smaller place, which merely seems to be the next door to us. One can easily share and learn without traveling, from a remote place.

(ii) Visual learning

The major advantage of using technology is that it provides the visual means of learning. Visuals have various benefits such as accelerated learning, interesting lectures, ease of learning and better conceptual knowledge. In traditional learning, we learn 2-dimension, whereas learning through technology helps to understand the concepts in 3-dimensions, various concepts of Surface areas and volumes are easy to understand.

(iii) Compact and ease of learning

Gone are those days when one used to carry thick books along with them. With the development of technology, one can now behold thousands of book in their smartphones and even study while travelling.

(iv) Prolonged learning

As most of the technological tools rely on the video source of leaning, this helps to remember the concepts for long. Just think of a movie and an article read, it would be far more convenient for students to summarize the movie rather than the article read by them.

Prolonged learning

Our mind has a better retention to video lecture rather than text, therefore if studies are done through video lectures, more chances are to remember the concepts for a long time, which can also be helpful from exam point of view.

(v) Sequential Arrangement

Students are generally confused with their syllabus and find it really difficult to follow sequence in their learning process. Learning through modern technology helps students to learn with the flow easily, as the topics are arranged in a proper sequence.

Also, there can be few topics which require some prerequisite, i.e. understanding of another topic before learning the current one. Thus, technological learning helps to learn easily.

All these benefits of technology help students to engage in learning. Also will help them develop to their full potential.

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