Why Choose WordPress CMS To Run Your Business

WordPress is often confused as just a blogging platform; it has evolved into a versatile platform over the years.  Nowadays while you can still use WordPress for your blogs with its Top Blogging Themes, it also allows you to develop a fully functional site for any other niche.

Why You Should Use WordPress CMS?

Why You Should Use WordPress

This platform has many benefits; its free &  it has a community which is constantly working to make it even better than ever! So, here let’s find out why you should immediately consider switching your CMS to WordPress or launch your brand new website with WordPress:

1) Freedom to choose:

It is a free platform meaning you can download, install & use any product you want to create your website with, although there are choices between premium & free products; you can indulge into either depending on your preference. WordPress has 2600+ themes & 3100+ plugins which you can use for any niche website.

And you will be surprised to find plenty of niches oriented theme that is developed for your needs including Premium Business themes, Best E-commerce Themes, Stunning Portfolio themes & much more.

2) Easy to use & learn:

The platform is used by milliosn of users & many of them are beginners who are able to manage this platform like a pro! You don’t need to be a technical genius or coder to install any product! In the case of any doubt or assistance, you will find numerous articles, videos, tutorials which you can go through to self-analyze the issue.

Additionally, the CMS is fairly manageable with its in built dashboard which sorts everything to make it smooth for you to manage; your content, theme, plugin & so on.

3) Search Engine Friendly:

Search Engine Friendly

Getting traffic is one of the major factors to make your site successful. Now, with WordPress, you get this as an advantage as the themes are built with the latest technologies & clean coding which help search engine to understand your site better & rank it accordingly. Also, few theme has started to integrate Schema markup, minimal design & SEO ready features to assist you better.

4) Supports Multimedia:

Having a rich text editor, WordPress supports easy insertion of pictures, videos, audio on your site. You can insert these media files with just a click button & that attracts the attention of the visitors as they provide a visual appeal to your posts, articles & information. Include anything from a high-resolution image or video; it’s not only easy to add anything, but also you can edit the file smoothly.

5) Security:

As compared to other platforms, WordPress is considered quite safe & sound from the attack of hackers. There should not even be a zero worry as the CMS is regularly updated with latest versions to protect your site from any unethical activity.

6) Community support:

With a massive community of users, developers & experts, WordPress has dedicated forums run by different individual wherein you can find the solution for any problem you might encounter. The community is well maintained & contains millions of answered question to troubleshoot any query.

So, overall WordPress is an excellent choice to adapt for any website you are planning to launch & we highly recommend it to use it. Do, share your views & thought in the comment section below! 🙂

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Wilfrid Lee is the founder of Tech Motus. Working as an SEO Expert, started blogging recently on soul idea of sharing. Being fond of computers, mobiles and gadgets from childhood, would love to share my ideas and knowledge about ever evolving technology.


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  • Web design has become so competitive, it’s almost not worth developing sites from scratch. WordPress gets the job done for a much better return on my invested time.Thanks for the informative article.