5 Best Websites for Online Grocery Shopping

Internet is the mother of all things and when it comes to online shopping there is no shortage of choices. No business which can be done in brick and mortar has escaped the online platforms and this includes the grocery business as well. Whether it is the regular home stocks or the daily vegetable needs all are available online. To add to its advantage the hectic urban life style and corporate work profiles are complimenting it perfectly. So who is the best amongst these. Well, the list is long and distinguished but a few names can just not leave the mind.

Top Websites to Online Grocery Shopping

online grocery shopping

1) Big Basket

Under the Brand Ambassadorship of Sharukh Khan the Big Basket group is one of the fastest growing online grocery website which is now catering over 50 cities across India. They boast of the best quality at cheapest rates and the fastest delivery time.

2) Grofers

The second in the list is Grofers. Though it is considered as the first in the market it blew the Indian household away with its awesome discount rates and free offers. Grofers is an application based online grocery store where customers can purchase things at awesome prices.

3) Zopnow

Next on the list is Zopnow which is also offering products through mobile apps for all iOS, Android and Windows platforms. It challenges a 3-hour delivery guarantee and assures complete customer satisfaction. Zop now is one of the latest startups in this segment but it looks future ready already

4) Zipin

Zipin is a new startup in the industry and currently is operating in Hyderabad and Vizag only though it has plans to spread its wings. It is a great place to buy more than 8500 products. Though it’s commercially infant but in coming years it will prove to be a game changer.

5) Natures Basket

Natures Basket is a direct subsidiary of Godrej Foods and is backed by some heavy business plans. Currently operating in about 30 cities across India it has big growth plans. It’s a competitor of worth to all the above and is a must visit for exotic vegetables and some international items less available in India like European cheese etc.

Shopping online has its own benefits when it comes to saving on the prices. Each online grocery store purchases directly from the manufacturer and farmers thus it is able to condense its margins. However these are not direct bargains like that at the Kirana Store or the Mandi but instead they are applicable codes that customer can utilize while making online payments.

When you have made all the purchases and are now about to pay for home delivery then the customer can simply put in the discount code that either the website itself is promoting for use or can avail from other external sources like recharge websites etc.

One such website which offers promo codes and discount coupons is where you can find absolutely kinds of discount coupons and when we talk about grocery websites Fabpromo is just perfect for it. TYou can find all the discount coupons for websites like Zipin, Zopnow, Naturesbasket, Bigbasket, Grofers etc. Just log in and explore the coupon that’s best for you and make grocery shopping even more exciting.

It’s so simple, for eg. a code on Fabpromocodes allows a discount of 10% then all you need to do is make the payment and in the promo code section merely type in the code which would reduce the overall payment amount by 10% and in short provide you with a discount.

You must log into or keep a track of all the discount offers that may be emailed to you on your email. Coupons are the ones which save the day each day. 🙂

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  • Thanks for sharing such an interesting article. It’s a busy life, and have very less time for other stuffs. This article provides with online grocery shopping. I have been using BIG BASKET, and its quiet effective.

  • Thanks for sharing such an amazing article. This article is about online grocery shopping which provides special discounts and offers on products. I have only used grofers which is quiet intresting.

  • Some of them now don’t exist, but many on this list are very helpful. Thanks to the author who took time out of his busy schedule and wrote this blog.