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Top 5 Ways to Increase Your Google Rankings

The top 5 methods to improve your page rank in the Google Search Results. SEO – Search Engine Optimization includes several optimization techniques which helps you to rank your page in the first of the Google Search Results.

The SEO, plays the key role in Google Algorithms to rank a webpage. So here is an article which shows you how to optimize your page perfectly to appear in the Search Engines and to improve your rankings.

How to Increase Your Google Rankings

Increase Your Google Rankings
Increase Your Google Rankings

1. Permalink

As you can see, the link matches the title of the page. The permalink of the page should be within 3-5 words and it should contain your keywords.When you’re writing a post, structure the permalink in such a way that it should have your main keyword. Don’t make your permalink more than 5 words since it will ignored by the search engines. Try to keep it less than 3 words.

2. Page Title

The Title of the page must be optimized so that when google crawls your page it can easily find what your page is about.

As you can see the Title of the page and it also contains the main keyword.

3. Meta Tags

For Every page the meta description tag should be 160 characters long, 1-2 sentences that describes the page and it should be unique. The Meta keywords tag should contain all your keywords.

4. Header Tags

Google give more importance to the header tags as it is one of the factor of Google 200 Ranking Factors.
The Page should have the heading tag same as title tag i.e., the title of your page should be used with H1 tag and the other headings followed with H2, H3, H4..

5. Media

Every Image you used in your post should have the relevant alt tag and title tag that describes the image or your post and contains your keyword. For videos, you can add the transcription text.

6. Structured Data

With Structured Data, you can add special markup to your content so that search engines can easily understand its type. It helps in improving your rankings. It also provides rich snippets for your pages to appear in the search engine results. Rich Snippets provides small snippets for your pages in the search results. You can add markup to your site @ You can find different schemas to different content like articles, images, products, movies etc.,

7. Sitemap

Sitemaps in the blogs are used to navigate the users where he can find all the links at one place, which eventually decreases the Bounce Rate and increase the Google Rankings. Generally sitemap will be in XML format since search engines use the XML Sitemap protocol while crawling the site. The Sitemap should be submitted to the Google’s Webmaster so as to index all your links into search engine.

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  • 1- Make link building a priority

    2- SEO-friendly content

    3- Build a responsive website

    4- Maximize CTR

    5- SEO-friendly videos and images

    All these factors are very useful for increasing Google ranking.

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