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How to Transfer Contacts From Windows Phone to Android

Android phones are now more popular than previous years, largely due to the sharp increase of flagship Android phones being released each year such as Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9. A lot of Windows phones are already or preparing to buy an Android phone to replace their old Windows phone.

Transfer Contacts From Windows Phone to Android

How to transfer contacts from windows phone to Android
Transfer contacts from windows phone to Android

One of the first problems they could run into is how to transfer the content from Windows phone to the new Android phone during the transition, especially for contacts, which is the most important part of a phone. For most people, they don’t have a clue on how to do that. However, a Google search won’t help much as the articles were published for years and things had changed dramatically in recent years.

Recently, I have come across an amazing content transfer app called Androidphonesoft Phone Transfer. Frankly speaking, there are other alternatives that are capable of transferring content between different mobile phones and Androidphonesoft is my favorite. First, it works effectively on Windows, iOS and android. And it supports over 3000 models and you do not have to worry about compatibility issues when using this app.

Second, it has an intuitive user interface. Even you don’t know much about computers, you still know how to use it with the demo. What’s more, along with contacts transfer, you can also transfer your text messages, calls logs, calendar, music, photos, videos, apps and notes with this app.

I will show you how to transfer contacts from Windows phone to Android. After that, you will know how easily it is. This process also applies to other file transfer, such as text messages, music, etc.… Before going to the first step, make sure USB driver are installed on your computer for the two phones.

Step 1: Install Phone Transfer

Download and install Phone Transfer from its official website. After launching Phone Transfer, you can see the main interface of Phone Transfer as below.

Install Phone Transfer
Install Phone Transfer

Step 2: Connect Your Phone to the Computer via USB Cable

Connect the Windows phone and Android device to Mac via USB cables. The data will be transferred from source device to target device. After connection, you can also click on Flipbutton to change the source and target devices. It will take a few seconds to analysis the data on the source phone and then check the supported file types by default.

Connect Your Phone to the Computer via USB Cable
Connect Your Phone to the Computer via USB Cable

Step 3: Transfer Contacts between Phones

To transfer contacts from Windows phone to Android device, please make sure you have already backed them up to One Drive on your Windows phone.

Select Contacts from the list shown on the central of this program. And then click Start Copy to transfer the contacts from Windows phone to Android phone. Usually, it takes 3-5 minutes to complete the transfer process. Make sure that your phones are well connected to the computer all the time so that the process can end up successfully.

Transfer Contacts between Phones
Transfer Contacts between Phones

Apart from transferring contacts, Phone Transfer also empowers you to transfer all the data such as SMS, music, videos, images and apps from an existing phone to the new one. As you can see from the tutorial, this is easy to transfer content between different smartphones.

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What you need to do is just a few clicks. This is the simplest method I have found. With this app at hand, there is no need to worry about data transfer any more. 😀

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  • Hello Harshal, there is a simpler solution now that does not need PC. It is InTouchApp – the Dropbox for contacts. Simply install InTouchApp on your Windows phone and Android phone and login with the same account – that’s it! Contacts sync between the phones automatically. Do give it a try : app is available on all app stores as well as at