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A Note About Spyware Prevention and Clean Up

Avoiding spyware from getting into your PC to steal your private information is not that hard as most users think.

Cleaning up spyware on client’s computers has been one of my sought after services. While I cannot list here the actual steps I do to remove spyware, I could give you some advice on how to fight spyware from stealing your private, personal information.

Spyware Clean Up and Prevention

Spyware Prevention
Spyware Prevention

The best way to do this is by preventing spyware from getting into your PC in the first place. Spyware prevention is something that can easily be done – and it all starts with knowing the threats well, so you are well informed.

There are two kinds of spyware, the Surveillance Spyware and Advertising Spyware. Both wants the same thing, and that is to steal your private information. Sometimes confused with malware, spyware is a threat to your personal security that you don’t want to overlook.

Tale of the Jealous Spouse

The first kind of spyware is what is known as surveillance spyware. This kind looks at the documents on your PC and may even record the keystrokes you make, whether its filling an online form or just typing a report. Information collected may range from words you typed on a chatroom or your login information, passwords or even credit card information. Agencies might be using this type of software as well as jealous spouses.

Some programs to help you keep tabs on things, such as keyloggers, fall into this type although some keyloggers do more good than harm.

Advertising and Spyware

The second type is software that gets installed on your PC through another software. Spyware like this come from suspicious software all over the Internet. You see a seemingly useful software, download it and install it on your PC, and poof, advertising spyware also gets installed. This is the most common way for spyware to infect your PC.

Both surveillance and advertising spyware can install worms and viruses on your computer. If you ever had the weird experience of getting your browser’s homepage changed without you changing it, that’s spyware at work. Setting your browser’s homepage back is only temporary, spyware changes it back again.

Tips on How to Prevent Spyware Infections

Now that you have a brief idea of how annoying spyware is, here are some tips so you can start on your spyware prevention program.

Stay away from suspicious websites

These include websites that offer cracked software, passwords to porn sites and the like. As a general rule, if the website address suspicious enough, chances are it is. Though tempting it is wise to…

Exercise caution when downloading files from the Internet

At least make sure the source of the file you’re planning to download is a reputable one.

That’s pretty much I advise my clients to help them prevent spyware infections. But when spyware already infected your pc, the best and only way for you to remove it is by using software that is designed specifically to clean up spyware. That way you can be sure that no spyware will escape during clean up.

Spyware Clean Up

Spyware prevention is not bullet proof. In case spyware does get into your PC, you don’t need to worry. There are software out there specifically written to get rid of spyware.

Some antivirus software vendors include anti-spyware in their antivirus program and my recommendation is to stick to a brand whose specialty is spyware and nothing else. Take note that not all software that prevent and clean up spyware are the same. That way, you’d know that they are really serious in getting rid of spyware for you.

Please remember that even though you have an effective anti-spyware program installed, you still need to update its definition file so that it can detect and clean up spyware you might not be aware of yet. A spyware remover with an outdated definition file is almost useless.

Other than that, sound internet surfing habits wraps up this note about spyware prevention. 😀

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