9 Reasons Why Your WBJEE Application Form Could Be Rejected

Students appearing for WBJEE must fill their Application form online at The Application Form serves as profile for candidates appearing in the examination. Every detail and information about the student required at every stage is derived from Application Form submitted at the initial stage. Hence, it is of importance to provide all the details in Application Form with utmost care and attention.

West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination 2017

West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination

Every year, almost 4 to 5 lakh students register for the WBJEE while only 75% actually get Admit Card for the test. The board ever year rejects thousands of Applications owing to errors in the Application Form.

A senior board official in an interview revealed, “We provide application correction window for discrepanciesin the application form. Students can correct the errors made in WBJEE application form. It surprises me that in spite of the window, a lot of applications are stuffed with errors.

We have listed few common errors that students make in their Application Form. These common errors as released by the board are frequent in every other WBJEE Forms and are one of major reasons for rejection of such applications.

Common Reasons for WBJEE Application Form Rejection

There can be many reasons for rejection of WBJEE Application Form. Users can check their application status on the WBJEEB Portal by entering their unique application number. Application status is made available after 3-4 days of the end of the application process.

If the application is submitted successfully then the delivered application will be shown as “Received” or “Delivered”. If the application form is not submitted successfully then the unsuccessful application status forms will be “Not Receiver” or “Undelivered”.

Following is the 9 common Reasons for Application Form Rejection:

Ineligible Applicants

  • Students who do not meet the said eligibility criteria will not be issued WBJEE Admit Card. Such applications will be automatically rejected and students will not be allowed to appear for WBJEE.

WBJEE 2018 Exam

Incorrect size and dimension of Photograph

  • Students photographs should not be captured before December 1, 2016. Self composed portraits, low quality photographs and pictures clicked by mobile phones leads to rejection of applications.Size and Dimension of attached photographs should be accurate.
Scanned ImagesImage DimensionImage SizeFormat
Photograph4KB100KB4.5 cm3.5cmJPG/ JPEG

This photograph size is applicable for all appearing candidates. Applicants are strictly instructed to upload their photograph within the prescribed format.

Incorrect size and dimension of Signature

Students are instructed to sign with free hand. The signature should not be in Block letters. The signature should be done in the below-mentioned specification. Any deviation in the signature from the prescribed format will result in cancellation of their candidature.

Scanned ImagesImage DimensionImage SizeFormat
Photograph1KB30KB1.5 cm3.5cmJPG/ JPEG

Incorrect size and dimension of Left Thumb Image

If the size and dimension of students left thumb image is incorrect, then the application form will be automatically rejected. The size and dimension of the left thumb image will be as follows:

Scanned ImagesImage DimensionImage SizeFormat
Photograph1KB30KB1.5 cm3.5cmJPG/ JPEG

Incorrect Personal Information

Applicants will have to fill the correct information in the WBJEE Application Form. All the information must be filled correctly i.e. student’s name, father’s name, mother’s name, nationality, date of birth etc otherwise application form will be rejected.

Documents Unavailability

The application form will not be submitted successfully until the students have uploaded all the necessary documents along with the application form. In the case of the unavailability of the documents student’s candidature will be cancelled and their application form will be rejected.

Application Fees

Students can pay the application fees through both the online and offline mode. After filing the application form and uploading documents successfully students will be directed to the webpage for application fee payment. If students are unable to pay the application fees then the application form will be rejected.

Late Submission of Application Form

If students submit the filled in application form after the last date of application submission then their form will not be accepted and application form will be rejected automatically.

Valid Email ID and Contact Number

Email ID and Contact Number entered by the candidate must be valid because students will get notification related to their application form on their entered email ID and Number for communication.

How to remove discrepancy?

After filling the application form, students must check the information entered by them correctly before its submission. In the case of any discrepancy, students can correct the information through Application Form Correction Window. The correction window is opened from soon after the completion of Registration window. Image correction window also follows Registration where students can correct their discrepancies in their Application.

By following the steps, students can edit their WBJEE Application form:

  • Visit the official website of WBJEE.
  • Log in to the account using Application Number and Password.
  • Choose between “Correction in Application Form for WBJEE” or“Image Correction for WBJEE”.
  • Make the required changes and click on the submit button.

Students can only edit the Gender, Domicile, Category, TFW Status, PwD Status, and Any uploaded document. Applicants cannot edit the information related to Students Name, Fathers’ Name, Mother’s Name and Date of Birth. 🙂

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