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The Premium Advertising Network: Clickadu

Strategic Partnerships

Clickadu.Com maintains good relationships with the best and biggest search engines and media groups on the web. We have our own network of advertising that enhances the website business of our client. Client will have the best services to his disposal and can benefit from our network of experts.

Clickadu – Premium Advertising Network


We focus on website traffic so that the profits of clients are integrated and they get a stabilized income. Having a professional network for advertising allows us to have our advertisers in front of a wide and engaged audience. This helps in enhancing the business of the client and promotes his website at a good pace.

Owned Sites

Clickadu has tie-ups the best publishers of the industry. We own various high traffic websites in every field and that is what makes us versatile in our business. This also enables us to expose the client website to a highly professional market of advertisement media. Engaging the client in our expert business model helps us to attract more viewers which further increase the popularity of the website.

Owned Websites
Owned Sites

Clickadu ensures that the client is content on all fronts of our services. This is one of the reasons that our clients make high profits and generate a stable income from their business. Working with us keeps you at a level of advantage to reach the capabilities of our network.

Exceptional Publishers

One of the biggest concerns of clients is placing the advertisement on the website. This a concern that Clickadu takes full care of. With Clickadu you don’t have to worry about placing your advertisements as we have the best of our team to work that out for you.

We have connections with the excellent, pre-screened publishers in about every slot and diversity out there. Therefore you won’t have to worry about how the ads will be placed. With Clickadu you website will flourish to it’s best extent. 😀

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