Planning On Starting an Internet Cafe Business?

Here in the US, there are a lot of computer shops – some cater to gamers, and some cater to those users who just surf, email and chat. Computer shops a.k.a internet cafes now become one viable source of income for those who have the budget – if you know how to do it right.

Planning to Start Internet Cafe

Internet Cafe
Internet Cafe

As most business gurus would tell you, one of the keys to a successful business – and most certainly applies if you are planning on putting up an internet cafe is location, location, location.

The best location in my opinion would be near schools. Preferably colleges and high school. A location where there are plenty of foot traffic also helps.

Aside from location, you also need the funds to start the business. Depending on where you are and how you intend your shop to be ( a gaming and internet shop or internet only ), starting an internet cafe business from scratch might be a little expensive as compared to starting it here in the US.

An internet only shop ( no gaming ) is lighter on the wallet than an internet cafe that also includes 3D games. This is because of the hardware needed. Browsing the internet does not require too much from a PC so you have a choice of picking computers with modest specifications – saving you money for other things you like to add to your internet cafe.

Basic Things Needed

  • Computers
  • Printers
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Paper ( letter sized, A4 etc. )
  • Ethernet cable ( network cables )
  • Crimping tool ( if you decide to do the crimping yourself )
  • Personnel
  • Operating System software ( Windows, Linux, etc. )
  • Application software ( productivity suite, etc. )
  • Good quality headsets, webcams, and mouse.
  • Internet connection
  • A good internet cafe timer ( useful when you are managing more than 10 computers ).
  • Aircon ( or electric fans )
  • Exhaust fan ( optional )


When picking a webcam, pick something that has a higher megapixel rating for clearer images. That way, customers won’t complain about their video feeds being too grainy.

When picking bond papers you may want to go for the ones with higher brightness and substance. For example, the one I use at my shop has a brightness of 97 and is substance 24 or 80 GSM. Specially if you print using inkjet printers and the page has a lot of colors, thicker paper won’t be as “saturated” than thinner ones. That way, customers are happy.

Extra Services

If you want extra income from your internet cafe business, consider offering more services aside from internet browsing and/or gaming. You could offer additional printing services such as digital photo prints or tarpaulin layouts. Or, if you are the advanced type, you can offer PC check-ups, software installations and more.

Also, don’t forget the licenses that apply on your area before putting up your internet cafe ( business permits and such ) so that your internet cafe business won’t run into trouble. 😀

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