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How to Keeping Your Eyes Healthy

If you work in tech, it’s incredibly important that you keep your eyes healthy. Whether you analyze and write code all day, or work with your hands to assemble prototypes and test equipment, you need great eyes to help you get the job done. Stare at a computer screen long enough, and your eyes will begin to burn, vision start to go blurry, and your head begin to ache.

Keeping Your Eyes Healthy

Keeping Your Eyes Healthy

There is a reason so many who work on computers all day suffer from migraines- they are definitely connected. But you can fight all this, you just need to develop a few good habits. By practicing a few exercises and wearing the proper eye wear, you can keep your eyes healthy even if you have to work long hours at a computer.

We all stare at screens a lot these days- even children spend 7-9 hours per day staring at screens in America. If you are thinking about how to reduce your screen time but just can’t figure out how to do it while keeping your job, perhaps it is time to consider how you can modify your behavior so that you can still perform your work but take care of your eyes at the same time.

First off, you can do a few simple things to take care of your eyesight. By simply looking away from the screen once in awhile, you’ll allow your eyes to re-focus. This simple trick will prevent near-sightedness. You need to look away from the computer screen every 10 to 20 minutes and focus your gaze on the furthest object away in sight. Preventing near-sightedness is an important component of protecting your eyes.

Next, be sure to blink every 10-30 seconds. While blinking may not seem important, it prevents your eyes from drying out. Leaving your eyes open endlessly will allow them to dry out and grow irritated quickly.

Three Daily Health and Beauty Activities

The most important habit you need is to get the proper eye wear. If your eyesight is changing and you need glasses, be sure to consult professionals who can help you. There are plenty of great glasses on the market, so check out Zenni Optical to find the perfect pair for you, so you can stay in the computer chair and keeping working.

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