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GMail Login – Gmail is the free mail provided by Google. It is one of the best service of google and it’s totally free for some space. If you want more space then you have buy business account for that. The main moto of the gmail is to connect more and more people through their mailing services. GMail official released on 1st Apr.il 2004. But it’s official public can use this service from 2007
This service user can use for commercial and business and for own use also. Since its release GMail has rapid growth from past few years. Then google launch few of them it’s GMail Drive, Mailing Service, file attachment and all other things google launch and it’s vast changing in google market. It’s GMail is one of the best mailing service in the world.

GMail.com Login and GMail Sign UP

As per Google report GMail have more than 500+ million registered user and it’s really huge data base of any company. Gmail is one of the best mailing service in world. If you have any thing you want to send mail to any person you can easily send through this service.

Features of Gmail

  • Send Emails: Registered users can send mails to anyone for free in no time all our world you can send this data.
  • Multiple Platforms: Gmail application is launched for different operating systems like Windows desktop, Mac, IOS, Android and Blackberry ( App is available for all the platform)
  • Free Cloud: Gmail provides you with free cloud storage of 15 Gigabytes .You can later upgrade to premium plans (It’s one of the best cloud storage)
  • Sharing: You can send files, videos, Pictures and add attachments in your mails. You can also send files of large size with the help of Google Drive (Share unlimited photos,videos, files)
  • Connectable: Gmail can be integrated with different Apps available on Google Play
  • Better Compose: Modified compose gives you a better and easy to compose your mails and send them
  • UI Design: The overall UI design is very good and really lovable. Users find it truly easy to use and navigation is pretty simple too
  • Talk with Hangouts: Talk with your friends and office dudes using Google Hangouts (Talk with anyone free of cost)
  • Custom Themes: You will be giving a bunch of custom designed themes which are pretty good and you can use nay of them.

How to Login GMail Accounts

Gmail is very user friendly service provider. Click Here to open gmail mail account once you open. Then two things will ask for you.
Step  :1 If you have already username & password then enter your details.
Step  :2 Once you enter details click on sign in
Step : 3 If you don’t have gmail account then you have to sign up for that and then you can add your details and open gmail account.
Step : 4 It’s very easy to open the gmail account.

How to Logout from Gmail

Above we have seen how to sign in google it’s very simple as like that it’s very simple to Logout from gmail. Step by Step Guide mention belows.
Step  :1 Once you login
Step : 2 Then click on right side corner 
Step  :3 Once you click then you can seen the logout button
Step : 4 Click on logout button
Step  :5 You are done you can successfully logout from all device
So, above is Gmail login, gmail sign in, gmail login process, gmail sign in steps, login gmail.com, gmail.com, gmail login steps of you have any problem while doing that comment below we will guide you how to do it.

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