Discovering New Ways Of Playing Rummy

This Diwali was lit, no puns intended. Among all the sweets and crackers, one thing got me good and made me write this article. So for those wondering what might have happened? Keep reading.

New Ways Of Playing Rummy

Let me start by saying I love Diwali because this is the time when the vibe is such that the fun quotient of get-together shoots up by a huge margin. So, I was all dressed up for the occasion, and I went to my friend’s place to play Rummy like I do every year.

And that’s what Diwali is, Spending time with loved ones doing what you like, which in my case would be playing Rummy with my family and friends. But this time, to my surprise, no one showed up because they were all caught up with their office work. So I came back to my place feeling a bit low.

This made me ask the age-old question, Are we losing out on some of our traditions and social life in general? I spend the next few hours just browsing through the internet when I came across an online platform which offered a chance to play Rummy online.

It was this site called RummyCulture where people could play Rummy online and decided to give it a try, and man what a decision that has turned out to be. I just love it.

Soon, RummyCulture made it to my ‘must try list’. It’s not easy to make it to my list, okay. There are a couple of boxes that need to be checked, and RummyCulture does it just fine. It has a hassle-free user interface and getting yourself registered is just a breeze.


Once you are done registering yourself, you can just start playing the game right away. RummyCulture suggests you play for free first and then play for money once you get the hang of it.

Personally, I consider myself a Pro Gamer, only when it comes to Rummy obviously. If you do too then, you must put your Rummy skills to full its potential in RummyCulture.

Also, you don’t have to worry about the withdrawals, RummyCulture provides a hassle-free experience when it comes to cash withdrawals. If you send your withdrawal request before 3 p.m IST, then you will get the money deposited on the same day.

You can even make your withdrawals on bank holidays. Moreover, the minimum withdrawal request that you can generate is just Rs 200. They also have an app for both iOS and Android that you can download from their official site.

So, lets cut to the chase and here’s what I have to say about RummyCulture. RummyCulture is a great platform for those who love playing Rummy online.

For me, RummyCulture helped me and my friends to play Rummy even when we are miles apart from each other. If you want to play online Rummy without having to be worried about any lags, RummyCulture is your best bet.

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