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How To Disable the “Blue Ticks” feature on Whatsapp

Read Receipts (blue ticks) whatsapp double check feature, which is introduced by Whatsapp last week which allows users to know whether their message was read by the received one. This latest update of Whatsapp created panic amongst many users, its became a nightmare for some users 😉

Disable Blue Ticks On WhatsApp

Disable Blue Ticks whatsapp
Disable Blue Ticks whatsapp


After Whatsapp acquisition by Facebook, it has updated with many features. The Whatsapp privacy setting allows users to set privacy for their whatsapp account.

Last week again the company has introduced a new feature “Read Receipts” (whatsapp blue ticks), which comes with some check marks in its new version of Whatsapp (version 2.11.44)

The Whatsapp ticks have (whatsapp double check feature)

>> One Grey tick: The message was sent but not delivered to the receiver’s phone (may be because the phone is off/blocked, no connectivity, closed app).

>> Two Grey ticks: It means the message is delivered.

>> Two Blue ticks: This one be a problem for users. Actually the two blue ticks means that the message has been delivered, the receiver has read your messages.

For any message you send, you can know the details sent messages in Message Info screen. To know the info of sent messages

Open a chat with contact or group, Swipe your message from right to left, or tap and hold on sent message and choose info from the menu.

The Message Info screen will shows you

Delivered when your message is delivered to the receiver’s phone, but he/she not seen yet.

Read or Seen when the recipient has read your message or seen your sent files (audio/video/pictures). For a Voice Message, the recipient has seen but not yet played.

Played when the recipients has played your Voice Messages.

As I said this feature becomes like a nightmare to some of the users because this option can’t be disabled 🙁

Now what ??

This question arised in every user when this feature was introduced. I think the company has realised and provided the solution for it.

Now you can Disable the Blue Ticks on Whatsapp.

How To Disable the “Blue Ticks” feature on Whatsapp

Actually there are certain ways you can get rid of this, but we go with the official one later i will list out the other steps.

To make this feature optional, you need to update your Whatsapp to version 2.11.44 which is available only in their site for now. Later it will be available in Google Play Store and others.

1. Download the Latest Update HERE.

2. Now Go to Setting -> Privacy -> Disable the “Read Receipts” option.

disable blue ticks whatsapp privacy whatsapp features whatsapp messaging service

Now you’re again back in the game 😉

The other methods to get rid of this feature is Degrade your Whatsapp version. Don’t confuse, let me make it clear for you, you just need to find the .apk file of Whatsapp version before this feature was introduced. The Blue Ticks feature is available from the version 2.11.431.

You need to install the Whatsapp of below this version which you can find here.

But I don’t recommend this one, because if you’re using the outdated versions you won’t be able to use most of its new features.

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