How to Create ‘How-to’ Videos with Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Are you considering creating ‘how-to’ video guides to help others learn how to perform a certain task? As you probably know, screen capture is a great way to do so because it will let you record video footage directly from your screen and ‘show’ the audience how to perform the task – assuming it is on a computer.

Create Videos with Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Movavi Screen Capture Studio

If you want to create video guides using screen capture, the only thing you really need is Movavi Screen Capture Studio. Because it is a screen capture software as well as video editor rolled in one, it has everything you need to get started.

On your part all you need to do is plan the video, and then use Movavi Screen Capture Studio to record the footage that you need. It will let you set up the capture region, audio source, and frame rate as well as whether or not to record keyboard and mouse actions – so you should be able to record exactly the type of footage you require.

After the recording itself is done, you can then use the video editing features in Movavi Screen Capture Studio to polish and improve on the raw footage that you recorded. It has features that will let you:

  • Cut and combine segments of video to get rid of unwanted segments or merge clips together in the sequence required.
  • Enhance the video quality and improve its appearance or correct common issues such as blurry, pixelated or shaky video segments.
  • Add customizable text to create captions, watermarks, subtitles or titles.
  • Apply various special effects and filters to transform the visual style of the video.
  • Include audio tracks for background music or voiceovers.
  • Insert animated transitions between scenes in the video.

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Due to the fact that all these features will be just a few clicks away, you will be able to easily apply them to your video. That is really all you need to know about how to make a how-to video, and it should help you to add the final touches to the video that you’re creating. 🙂

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