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How to Change Default Icons on Android Phones

Today a majority of cell phone users prefers Android devices more than its Symbian or Java counterparts. So the Android OS, with all its updates, not to forget, its latest Kitkat version, is the most popular choice of cell phone consumers worldwide.

Change Default Icons on Android Phones

How to Change Default Icons on Android Phones
Change Default Icons on Android Phones

But that doesn’t mean that everyone is that totally happy with these updates in their basic form. A major part of the Android is controlled by those tiny little icons on the screen which are useful in nature but not appealing in the appearance. So there is a lot of deliberation to change android icons & give it a more creative look.

Fortunately, giving your digital life partner a complete makeover is now easy & there are various ways by which you can make those dull, boring icons look fashionable & trendy. So now let’s show you how exactly it is done.

pic for Android must have social appsThe first thing you need to do is check if your default launcher lets you change the look of the icons on your home screen. Not all the launchers have this, but the recent updates do allow such customization. Here are a few interesting ways to spice up the life of your device.

Using the Default Option

If your Android device is supported by your default CyanogenMod ROM,

  1. Long press the shortcut app you want to edit.
  2. In the popup menu, tap on ‘Edit’. You will see a dialogue box with the default icon, a button to choose a different icon from the icon database or media gallery & an input field for icon labels.
  3. Tap the button for a different icon in the dialogue box.
  4. Select & Crop a picture from your media gallery & simply choose another icon from the preinstalled database.
  5. Select ‘OK’ & your app is now in its new avatar.

Using an App

Using an Android Launcher App is one of the easiest ways to change the complete look of your device. There are a number of apps available in the Android market for this purpose. You can download any one of these apps such as Go Launcher or Launcher Pro or Apex Launcher or Nova Launcher.

These Launchers give you a variety of options to changing the icons, their position, size, labels, behavior & even the choice of application you want to launch from a particular shortcut.

Using an APK edit software

This is a bit harder than the previous two methods. If you are not an expert, it is recommended you skip this method. For this you would need a APK editing tool installed in your PC or laptop & edit the app shortcut in it & then transfer the APK file to your device & run the application in it.

There are other options available as well like changing app icons by rooting the device or via jailbreak but this falls under highly technical categories & you need to be an expert in it before experimenting. But if you don’t want to root your device & just simply change its look & feel on the move, any Launcher app with changing icons support is highly recommended.

So don’t waste any more of your time wondering why you brought such a boring device but change your icons by upgrading them to cool stylish shortcuts for your android. 😀

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