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How to Capture Videos From Any Website Using Movavi Screen Recorder

Many websites nowadays publish video content, and when they do it mostly tends to be online streaming videos of some form or other. At first that may seem really convenient, however it also means that you will have difficulty if you want to save the video to watch later when you aren’t online.

Capture Streaming Video From Any Website (Movavi Screen Recorder)

Capture Streaming Video From Any Website

The good news is that Movavi Screen Recorder can provide you with an easy way to ‘save’ any video from any website. Technically you won’t be using it to ‘save’ the video, and instead will use it to capture it while it is playing on your screen.

If you want to give it a try, just find a video that you’d like to record and leave it open (but do not play it yet) then launch Movavi Screen Recorder. As soon as you do, click and drag your mouse cursor so that you draw a frame that encompasses the website’s video as precisely as possible.

It is worth noting that you can adjust the frame after you’ve drawn it, to refine the selection further. Additionally if you want to record the video in ‘full screen’ you could click anywhere so that Movavi Screen Recorder’s interface appears then open the list under ‘Capture Area’ and select your monitor name in the ‘Full Screen’ section.

On the interface, you’ll also see a ‘System Audio’ icon that you should ensure is highlighted. If it isn’t you could click on it once, and do the same for the ‘Microphone’ icon that should not be highlighted. That is really all that needs to be set up, and you can then press ‘REC’ so that Movavi Screen Recorder begins recording the video, and play the video at the same time.

Movavi Screen Recorder

To stop recording you should click the ‘Stop’ button when the video is complete, and can then preview it in the window that appears. Although Movavi Screen Recorder will automatically save the video in MKV format, you can trim out any parts you don’t need or save it in a different format if you choose.

If you feel you need more detailed instructions just head over to That being said odds are you shouldn’t face any difficulty, as it really isn’t that hard to set up Movavi Screen Recorder and use it to capture and save the videos from any website. 🙂

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