5 Call Routing Strategies That Will Benefit Your Business

Every call centers proficiency and customer relationships diversify due to these common reasons; varied demands within limited resources. Within a fixed amount of time call centre occupies a fixed amount of agents, with a set of specialized agents having a particular set of skills.

Call Routing Strategies to Improve Your Customer Experience

Call Center Routing Strategies

Whether the incoming calls range from low to stability, call centers operate efficiently. While the efficiency of call center begins to sustain as the call volume rise, this reduces the customer satisfaction.

Call routing is an essential component of competent customer service strategy. Operating cost reduces entirely with an increase in customer satisfaction, which can also be achieved by directing the call to the right department eventually. Call routing is a strategic tool in business environment if efficiently applied.

Factors Creating Unhappy Customers

Highlighted below are some possible endorsements that make the customers foiled:

  • A lot of efforts to resolve the matter.
  • Switching agents, making the customers to repeat their queries again and again.
  • Hurdles in languages.
  • Those problems with no possible solutions.
  • Complex problems that lead to long span to resolve.

The Path to Happy Customers

For serving the best to your company, call centers ought to implement a critical call routing strategy. Call routing strategy facilitates the call centers in managing the increased call volumes, without tensile customer relationship and proficiency.

Direct Routing

Nowadays, organizations are making efforts to construct direct association with customers or to have an approach to customer service; these are included in direct routing strategy. According to the type of query, customers equipped with the direct number of a specific department.

For example, if a customer wants to speak to repair and maintenance department, they will be provided by R&M department; similarly, each department has a different direct number. This certifies that at first linking with right department, consequently greets other sales closure and increase in success rate. But if an agent is busy on another call then wait time strategy is a bit longer.

IVR Call Center Routing

Another strategy pursued by organizations is the popular routing method, in which call routing by IVR is common. Through IVR organization can communicate with the customer through keypad or speech interaction and telephone.

The IVR system can automatically respond and guide the customers regarding their queries with prerecorded or dynamically generated audio. The demand of call routing via IVR is exceeding in high-tech businesses and contact centers. Moreover, for lead generation businesses and call centers, this strategy is helpful.

Routing by Caller ID

Caller ID routing strategy is a tool to add some capacity in the routing system. According to the urgency of queries, the phone numbers of several customers could be recorded, and each one is assigned with a different caller ID. Based on a previous conversation or the information recorded in CRM, when a customer calls, the call spontaneously routed towards the suitable agent.

In case the contract of a customer expires, when he rings in the department hi call will eventually reach to the agent who is professional in retention of customers.

Location-Based Call Center Routing

Location-Based Call Center Routing

Another strategy is called as geographic routing or location-based routing in which caller location has been identified automatically by using his phone number, and further lands his call to the suitable agent or department based on locality.

Skills-Based Call Center Routing

Skills-based routing is an additional strategic tool which is manipulated by realizing and scoring the agent’s skills. Thus each agent has an evident list of his SW’s. So in direct data routing, difficult callers are connected with the best agent. 🙂

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