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5 Best Smartphone Apps to Make Your Business Easy

Smartphones have revolutionized connectivity and made the entire corporate world structure different such that the conventional wired connectivity takes a back seat. Apart from the other features like social networking and high-end cameras, smart phones either Android or Mac make the transition from deskwork to mobile connectivity seamless. You can make your smartphone work efficiently as your office-buddy if you have the right set of applications installed. Here is a look at some of the smartphone application development that really make a laptop out of your smartphone.

Top Smartphone Apps to Make Your Business Easy

smartphone apps
smartphone apps

Ballistic Calculator:

If your day at work has many quick calculations that need to be made, there is absolutely no need to carry a pocket calculator with this application installed on your smartphone. The geographic and environmental calculations are a huge hit with this calculator. Whether you are measuring wind speed or looking for just the right angle, this calculator will give you the best values to decimal points. MXICoders can develop this app for you in Java, HTML, Php and other platforms to make it boost the performance on your smartphone. A must have for those who need just the right angles and wind speed in everyday life.


This application helps you smartly calculate the profits that you are making on a sale. Rightly fed in values will alleviate the file work and manual calculations to quickly measure the margin on each sale that you make.

Sugar Sync:

This application gets all the smartphones on the same plane and platform for immediate and robust file sharing mechanism. Even better is the fact that you can be on remote locations and yet access the service. All you need for this app to run smoothly is a good internet connection and ofcourse a smart phone. Eliminate the time used to attach the files over the email and the repetitive attempts to attach a file of any file limit and share on the go!


This is the route finder that you have been looking for. Find the safest and the fastest route to your destination and all that you need to do is install this app on your phone. The detailed direction gives you the scope of options that you can take and make it possible for you to dodge all traffic jams and stoppages with the street view feature. An App that has been reviewed as excellent, a must have for those who commute a lot.


If you are an avid reader and loose on important documents because of lack of scheduling, this app will help you save all webpages and links until you find the time to read them. With this app you can save anything anywhere, read them later at your convenience anywhere and makes notes about the content. Completely compatible with all smart phones, this app is necessary for those who like to spend time reading.

So while the mobile apps make the life easier and more controlled, a few good apps will make it even better! 😀 😀

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