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Top 10 Best Multiplayer Android Games for Gamers

Over the last few years gaming on the android platform has widened and evolved massively. There are new types and games coming everyday which has increased the interest of gaming in people. Single player games have been in trend since android phones came in the market, but multiplayer games have started hitting the trend recently. This list will tell you which games are the best multiplayer games.

Best Android Multiplayer Games

Best Android Multiplayer Games
Android Multiplayer Games

1. Asphalt 8: Airborne

It is a free gaming app easily available on the Google play store. It is a race gaming app which involves more than a single player. It is a game which is played online simultaneously by maximum 8 participants in real time. There are various types of aircrafts to choose from and it involves a challenging game when you select a race from its range of races. You can race a ghost without actually being there and give your best targets to your co-players as the challenge. It is a nice fun-filled game with good enough graphics.

2. Clash Of Clans

Winner of best multiplayer game 2013, it is a battleship game with fine graphics and real time strategy. This is a game which is played online between the players that are unknown to each other and are your “Foes” in the game.
It involves a story where the player has to build a village and walls, make an army of clans and attack the foes. It is available on all the platforms apart from android so, there are chances to meet people from other than android platform.

3. Battleship 2

Easily available on the Google play store, it is a free classic board game which can be played via the Bluetooth too. It revolves around a player playing against another player a board game of battleship. It doesn’t involve real time hardcore battles, but is good game for people who have calm and non-violent game in their mind. The graphics are juvenile, but that gets the feel to play a peaceful game. Not only online, but it gives many options to play with the computer or Play game services against you.

4. Badland

Runner up for the best designed game 2013, it has simply amazing graphics. It is a single player and a multiplayer game both. In the multiplayer game version, maximum 21 players can play simultaneously on the same device. It cannot be played online with many players. It has a free demo version available on the Google play store but, the full game needs to be bought at $3.99 available in the game. It is a unique game which is very nice and appealing in the looks and fun to play.

5. Minecraft Pocket Edition

A super-creative game available on Google play store for $6.99. It is a game where the opportunities are endless with creative levels coming up one after the other. Once you have installed this game you can go on playing forever.
It is not a hardcore multiplayer game, but you can join different servers available online from various corners of the world. People login and make teams to play, where either you can join them or create a team of your own with your friends.

6. Modern combat

Rated to have the best graphics and finest of the multiplayer strategy games, Modern Combat has always performed the best on the gaming platform.

It is a strike and shootout game and one of the best to go with in terms of multiplayer.
It has a live real time gaming strategy where you can play with the people online. There are many players available online, whom you can play with or you can make a group of your own friends and enjoy this game. It is available on the Google play store in $6.99, but it is worth the price.

7. Dr. Driving

A unique game available free of cost on the Google play store. It is a driving game where you should drive really well through the clean city to highway overcoming all the obstacles to win points. It is not a racing game, so it is quite relaxing one as compared to the others. It is a leader board kind of multiplayer game where you can compete with other participants available online and beat their high scores. The longer you drive in the game, the interesting it becomes.

8. Pool Break Pro

A multiplayer pool game which has a concept of turn based play. It has variety of games and variety of levels and colors to it, which makes the game all the more fun. You can catch up with the players online and play a level with them. It is available free on the Google Play store and can be easily downloaded and installed.

9. Words with friends

It has been a very popular multiplayer game since a very long time, even before the android platform came into picture, by the name of scrabble. It is a simple and relaxing word game which can played between any players, may it be your friends or the players available online.
It can be downloaded easily from the Google Ply store and played in the leisure time for fun. It is such a relaxing game that it can be played for long hours for fun without getting bored with your friends.

10. DeadZone

A multiplayer shooting based game where maximum 12 players online can play this game. It is a thrill based game where the players get an assignment and they need to shoot and kill their enemies (other players playing online). The interesting part of this game is there is always something or the other being added up to the game. It is a dynamic and creative game which you will really enjoy playing. It is available on the Google play store very easily. Download and experience the heights of your adrenaline rush.

There is game for every taste in this list, so download and enjoy these android multiplayer games from the Google play store. 😀 😀

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