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Top 5 Best Free Online Virus Scanner

A virus is one of the biggest threats a system has to face. It comes in silently & poses an extremely high priority danger to all the precious data in the computer. Most hackers also use computer virus, Trojan & other malicious code to get unauthorized access to any account or steal any personal data.

Free Best Online Virus Scanner

Best Free Online Virus Scanner
Free Online Virus Scanner

No antivirus program is perfect. But the duration between the invention of a virus & its vaccine decides the efficiency of an antivirus program. Some of the top online virus scanners that prove to be highly capable in dealing with such issues are as follows:

List of Free Online Virus Scanner

1. avast! Online Scanner

Avast online virus scanner gives you the chance to check your files quickly & free of charge. You may check any file with the limit of 16MB & clear it from all possible viruses it may have.

Its database is constantly updated & no special settings or configurations are required to configure Avast making it a quick & a trouble-free method to scan viruses online.

2. Kaspersky File Scanner

Kaspersky File Scanner checks single files that are less than 1MB in size. You can also scan multiple fines in one archive folder provided the resulting archive is also 1MB or less.

It is fast & reliable in its scans & employs the effective detection algorithms used by Kaspersky Antivirus and AVZ. You also get additional health advice on the PC’s health status.

3. Avira

Avira’s online virus scanner is also based on the same platform as the Avira antivirus that scans submitted files, folders or URL’s through an online form. The scan results are then sent to the contact details you mention in the form. 5 files with a size of not more than 20MB can be scanned at once.

If you feel that the scanner has detected a clean file by mistake, you can select its “False positive suspicion” feature & the conflict will be resolved mutually.

4. McAfee Free Scan

McAfee Free scan helps you discover many hidden viruses in your computer & suggests with the suitable actions needed to be taken for them. It is based on the award winning McAfee Virus Scan engine, & searches for even the latest viruses that may have been in circulation recently due to its dynamic update of database feature.

It has a very easy to use interface so you can get it done without any complicated procedures or such hassles.

5. Symantec Security Check

Symantec Security Check helps to determine whether your system has been infected with viruses, malware, spyware or other such threats. It also traces suspicious & dangerous cookies that silently make a place in your system & removes all of them, which could raise a concern to your computer’s health.

It provides an analysis of your results & offers suggestions for further action.

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As previously mentioned, no Antivirus program is perfect but it would be better to apply double protection, meaning that you can use two free online antivirus programs to scan your PC, which wouldn’t have been possible if you try to store both programs on one machine. 😀

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