Top 5 Best Dropbox Alternatives To Store Your Data

One of the most widespread and common cloud storage services is provided by Dropbox to all its consumers. But this fame has stirred its own share of controversies by appointing Condoleezza Rice to its Board of Directors. It sets off a movement worldwide to Dropbox and search for other suitable alternatives.

Among the whole lot of worthy substitutes out there in the market, the top 5 of them offering consumer storage as well as business oriented services are as follows.

Best Dropbox Alternatives To Store Your Data

Best Dropbox Alternatives To Store Your Data
Best Dropbox Alternatives

List of Best Dropbox Alternatives

1. Google Drive

Introduced in the year 2012, Google Drive is the new file storage component of Google Docs. It gives you complete access to your files wherever you are. It starts by giving you a 15GB of free Google storage so you can keep all your pictures, stories, designs, drawings, recordings, videos or anything for that matter.

You can view or access it from any smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer. So wherever you go, your files follow. And you can even invite others to view, copy and team up on all the files you want with no-email attachment needed.

2. Microsoft One Drive

Microsoft One Drive, formerly known as Sky Drive offers you with a 15GB storage when you sign up with which you can easily store and share photos, videos, documents and more from anywhere, on any device, for free. You can keep your favorite photos and videos secure, even if something happens to your machine.

Receive an extra 3 GB of storage when you initiate camera roll backup to save photos spontaneously. It’s easy to check them anytime, on any device. It co-operates with Office, so it’s easy to create, edit, and share your documents.

3. Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive also provides 5GB free storage to keep your all your files and other important things. Its world-class security and protection keeps your content safe—even if your tablet, phone, or computer is stolen, lost or damaged. You can remove photos from your phone and still see them via the Cloud Drive iOS or Android app.

A sleek timeline layout in the free mobile app makes it easy to find the photos you’re searching for, no matter how many you have in store.

4. Box

Box allows you to store all of your data online, so you can access, manage it and even share it from anywhere. It starts with a free 10GB storage. You can manage your personal files like you’re doing business. Get mobile phone access, protected online storage, and sync across all your devices.

Integrate Box with Google Apps and Salesforce and access Box on mobile device. Companies rely on Box because it’s safe, works on any device, and tries to meet the needs of small businesses to the Fortune 500.

5. Copy

Copy is a new service from Barracuda, one of the best known firm for its enterprise security and spam-filtering appliances and facilities. A Copy account (Personal) gives you 15 GB of storage, along with unlimited size for individual files; also paid storage upgrades to 250 or 500 GB are available.

For increased security, your data is protected by multiple layers of encryption, as well as top-secret grade AES 256, both during transmission and while at rest on Barracuda’s enterprise-class cloud storage.

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