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On Demand Beauty Services – Convenience and Styling At Your Doorstep!

Why step out of your home when you can turn into a diva by relaxing on your couch sipping your favorite cuppa coffee? We as a generation are always on the lookout for quickies and before your mind wanders to naughtier terrains, let me tell you that we are referring to the advent of a multiplicity of On Demand Services that have made all our lives easier. Be it a mini cab that is three minutes away from your current location or the little black dress that arrives as a box of happiness at your doorstep – all of this available just a click away.

Beauty Services At Your Doorstep


Raising the bar of comfort and elevating it all the way to luxury – On Demand Beauty Services is exactly what fits your busy lifestyle. Women & woes go hand in hand they say – wardrobe woes, styling woes, grooming woes… But why woe when you can woo?!

Every woman knows what a task it is to pull yourself to the parlor to shape your brows on a lazy Sunday or getting your lady long legs waxed before you are headed for your date night. On Demand Beauty Services allow you to have the privilege of getting your beauty and style concerns addressed right inside your living space within your comfort zone-Why go to a salon when you can get the salon at home?

Apart from your express pedicure and manicure, hair styling, facial, and other regular grooming routines, they also offer a range of luxurious pampering packages which are exclusively designed to suit your special occasional needs. Explore the world of luxurious indulgence which comes in the form of interesting deals you simply don’t wanna miss. Here’s a sneak peek into what could possibly delight you ladies.

1. The Dream Wedding Deal

Marriages whether made in heaven or not, you and your girlfriends certainly need to look like you’ve been sent from heaven. Bringing the salon experience to your home is what all big fat Indian weddings really really need.

2. The Pamper Party

Getting pampered alone is passé. But getting pampered with your girl friends is definitely more fun! You have the evening, you have your girls and you have the beauticians at home too! What else could you ask for?

3. The Corporate Community

For the Louis Vuitton loving and the Hilton at Paris dining kind of business women, the much needed body spa experience arrives right at where you want it, be it your workplace or your hotel room.

Sounds like something you should try! What say,dearies? Be it a regular beauty routine or an extravagant glam outing, On Demand Beauty Services treats you like the queen who you undoubtedly are and helps you awaken the diva in you by coming to you – your place, your time. 🙂

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