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Adnety: Best PopUnder Ads Network for Blogger

Pop under advertisements are one of the best source of revenue from the website business if used in the right way. There is a lot of negative impression about popunder network forms but as they have been criticized for the navigational issues that they create but that is not the case.

Adnety: Pop Under Advertisement

Adnety Ads Network

Pop under advertising work great and don’t come in the path of the user while viewing a site. To get the pop under ad campaigns right, one must get the right partner to work with and that partner is Adnety.

Following are the things that Adnety offers you:

Business Expansion:

With Adnety you can make the most of your website business. Their team guides you and helps you in utilizing your website’s resources to amplify your profits to great extents. With their advertising and publishing network you can enhance the performance of your pop under ad campaigns by attracting more unique visitors each day and increasing website revenue. Adnety is one of the few advertising networks that provide 100% monetizing with the help of its advanced content management and campaigning schemes.

Smooth Navigation:

Adnety mostly works with the full page pop under ads except for the cases where code redirects you to another page. Mostly the pop under ads are opened in the underlying window and does not interrupt the visitor from the website he is initially navigating. The CPM rates are amazing and help you to earn maximum profits. Adnety maintain the website visibility so that it is attractive and appeals to users. They also ensure that the pop under ads are not overcrowding your site for the user to have a pleasant experience.

Simple Dashboard:

Adnety Publisher Dashboard

The dashboard takes zero effort to work with and is amazingly fast to browse. You can control all your campaign features from here. The menu is very efficient and has a design that is easy to work with. Accessing the dashboard for enhancing the performance of your campaign is easy regardless of coding knowledge.

Easy Statistics:

Advertisers and publishers don’t have to be worried about recording the performance and making an analytical report. Adnety has a well-equipped system in place that allows all partners to keep tabs on the performance, hits, traffic and money earned from the pop unders ad campaigns as soon as their credibility have been proved.

Fast and Efficient:

For all those of you who think that adding a website is a time consuming process, partner with Adnety and you will forget what delayed processing is. It hardly takes a minute to add a website and generate pop under code for it with Adnety’s dashboard. It’s not just fast but effective as well and saves a lot of time.

Transparency in Payments:

Adnety uses PayPal method for all payments and transactions to keep the process transparent. You can be assured with payment procedures as everything on their service network is transparent. Each client is asked to deposit $50. All the remaining balance that is due is returned to the client all in good time. Clients can also claim refunds if they didn’t find the service satisfactory. There is also a minimum payout of $10 which is processed in 1 to 3 working days. With Adnety there is a revenue share rate for quality served traffic which adds up to 90%.


Adnety system is completely secure and provides authenticity and integrity at all times. There are filters in place that help to cut down bots and all the impressions that can damage the campaign. All the harmful elements are removed before the pop under ad campaign goes live on the website so that no harm is inflicted on the campaign’s


Verified Sources:Adnety has a highly verified advertisement networks to ensure the performance and integrity of the pop under ad campaign. This comforts the user that the source is reliable to work with.There only direct publishers with no third links.

Advertising and Campaign options:

These is a broad range of campaign options provided by Adnety. Daily budget, Category Target, Device target(desktop and mobile), Raw Traffic(IP Cap), Pause/Resume campaign are some of the campaign options provided by Adnety. The partners also get the liberty to work with similar advertising networks. Though their recommendation is that the not more than 2 ad networks should be used to maintain the quality. 🙂

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