13 Card Rummy – How To Play Indian Rummy

Every country has its own set of indoor games. As humans, we tend to invent games out of boredom for our purpose which, in time, has developed our senses and enhanced our brain cells.

This is one of the reasons why we indulge ourselves in all sorts of games. Now and then we will find similarities in these games that we play but with a few changes to fit according to the country where it has been further explored and changed according to their inhabitants.

13 Card Rummy

13 Card Rummy is one such game of variation. It is one of the most popular and common indoor games that has been played in the country for years, now. 13 Card Rummy is an Indian variation of the Rummy. Indians changed it only a little, to fit their taste.

The game itself is not that tough to grasp, whether you are a new player or an experienced legend, anyone will find the game quite simple. 13 Card Rummy holds its name for being a definite hit on almost every occasion. The game is simple, easy,  and very fun to play.

Rules to Play 13 Card Rummy

Online Game experiences are better with Rules. Players, trying their hands on the 13 Card Rummy for the first time may want to know the rules of one of the country’s most popular indoor games, along with their terminology, which is quite similar to Indian Rummy. But you need not worry much, as we are here to help.

Following are the steps and terminologies that will help you get through your doubts on the game and turn you into a winner, sooner than you can imagine.

  1. As the name suggests, players will be given 13 cards each to play with.
  2. All players will play online with Real-time players.
  3. A game of Classic rummy is usually played with a pack of 52 cards but in the 13 Card Rummy, it is played with two packs of 52 cards each.
  4. A total of 2 to 6 players can participate in one game.
  5. A significant difference between the Classic Rummy and the 13 Card Rummy is that the 13 Card Rummy only makes use of one Joker while players in the Indian Rummy use two Jokers. An important rule to 13 Cards Rummy is that a card that is randomly selected from an undealt deck of cards becomes a Joker, regardless of the original print and value of the card. However, the original value of the card must be considered because the other cards of different suits of the same value also become a Joker.
  6. The people who are familiar with Rummy, know that there is a Dealer that deals the cards and each player gets the chance to be a Dealer in each round. But, in 13 Cards Rummy, there is no Dealer because shuffling of the cards happens automatically.
  7. In the game, the concept of set and sequences with impure sequence and invalid, remain the same as the Classic Rummy. Cards with values grouped into order, make a sequence regardless of the suits of those cards. For example – a sequence could be 3 of Hearts, 4 of Diamonds, and 5 of Clubs.
  8. Players make a set with cards of the same value but different suits. For example – 9 of Clubs, Hearts, Diamonds, Spades.
  9. Just like Rummy, in 13 Cards Rummy, players will need to discard cards that carry a lot of points, like the Aces and Colored cards.
  10. It is mandatory to have at least two sets and sequences each, while declaring, of which, one can be an impure sequence.
  11. Fun fact: A Dealer in an offline Rummy Game, is determined through a lottery. In the lottery system, players choose random cards. The player with the lowest card value becomes the Dealer, then he/she shuffles all the cards, divides the pack into halves, and allots them among the players.

Card games are quite popular throughout the world. Many enjoy indulging in it and hence there are a lot of different sets of card games available almost, everywhere. 13 Card Rummy has its own set of variations as well. Some of them are available in Rummy Baazi and can be played to win Real Money.

Sub – Variants

  1. Pools Rummy
  2. Points Rummy
  3. Deals Rummy and
  4. 21 Cards Rummy.

13 Cards Rummy is undoubtedly the country’s favorite Cash Rummy version. The rules are simple and easy to understand. Players play with 13 cards to form a valid set and a sequence to win a round of Rummy Cash Game.

Once you have arranged all your cards and declare them as per the rules, you will win the game and earn Free Money!

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